Answer calls handsfree with Siri #shorts

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Answer calls handsfree with Siri #shorts
Answer calls handsfree with Siri #shorts
Voice powered assistants can be beneficial for those who are blind or low vision. If you use any Apple device, you already know about Siri. But are you really using this tech to its maximum utility? We want everyone to get the most out of their devices, and as such, Vision Forward’s very own Assistive Technology Specialist Cory is excited to share 10.5 great blind or Low Vision uses for Siri that you might not have known about.

If you want to learn how Siri stacks up against other vocal assistants and smart speaker devices, then be sure to check out our most recent Tech Connect Live! Cory and Luke run three popular smart speakers through a gauntlet of tasks and tests. Find out how Siri, Alexa and Google compare so that you can make the choice that’s right for you.

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