Back Pain Relief from Sitting All Day!

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Back Pain Relief from Sitting All Day!
Back Pain Relief from Sitting All Day!
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One of the MOST COMMON symptoms we hear from our clients when starting our program is that after sitting long periods they feel it takes a second to stand up straight and are really stiff standing up at first. This is due to a combination of many things that we address in our program, but mostly is due to a flexion intolerant lower back obstruction that is siting in flexion too long! This makes that restriction stand out even more and is really noticeable when standing up!
The key here is to understand what your spine is doing when sitting long periods! You are getting a whole lot of flexion, but obviously no extension! You want to balance the motions of your spine throughout the day! So by restoring some of the opposite motion periodically at work, or prior to standing up, you will immediately notice an improved ability to stand up! Give your low back some love, scoot to the edge of your seat, sit up tall, and stand up with ease!
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