Clipchamp Video Editing Masterclass Clipchamp Course Part 2

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Clipchamp Video Editing Masterclass Clipchamp Course Part 2
Clipchamp Video Editing Masterclass Clipchamp Course Part 2
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Welcome back to Clipchamp Free Course. In this part, we will dive deeper into the Clipchamp video editor. I will show how to use green screen, blend modes, color correction, different camera shots, separating audio from video, generating auto-captions, adding YouTube Subscribe panels, title animation from scratch and much more.

I have designed this tutorial in such a way that if you watch this video till the end then I’m confident that you would be pretty much able to use all the features of this software. At the end of this video, I have also got some bonus tips for you.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:53 – Tutorial
3:02 – Trim a clip
5:00 – Duplicate a clip
5:14 – Shortcuts
7:13 – Replacing a clip
10:09 – Premade Text Animations
11:42 – Color Correction
13:33 – Blend Modes
15:55 – Add Subscribe Button
11:20 – Making a group
19:01 – Moving layers on timeline
20:08 – Green Screen Effect
21:54 – Detach audio from video
29:30 – Different shot sizes
32:21 – Transition Overlays
33:27 – Transitions
35:31 – Adding Lower Thirds
39:40 – Custom Title Animation
44:54 – Free Stock Website
46:01 – Premium Stock Website
51:44 – Auto Captions
52:34 – Bonus Tips
56:44 – Exporting Video

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