Cracking Software with Reverse Engineering

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Cracking Software with Reverse Engineering
Cracking Software with Reverse Engineering
we’re in


@youtube: this is an educational tutorial of computer engineering on a puzzle program made with the sole intention of being cracked Legally ty

free uncle kenny he did nothing wrong

today we try reverse engineering to crack a program

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If you wanna try it:
Lafarge Challenge Program: (This one is for Windows)
Read this fully before trying it:
Checkout other CrackMe’s:

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Also heads up, this is more computer engineering than computer science, but theres a ton of overlap (i study electrical and computer engineering, its pretty lit)

faq, who am i?
i study at carnegie mellon (ece) and wanna make coding somewhat entertaining

Evan King
Rainy Streets by Blue in Green
Coffee and a Glock by YNG Martyr & Lil Toe

#nang #computer #hacking

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