Create & Style Progress Bars in Excel Like #shorts

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Create & Style Progress Bars in Excel Like #shorts
Create & Style Progress Bars in Excel Like #shorts
Progress Bars are one of my favorite features in Excel.

They’re perfect for gantt charts, project management, goal setting, timelines, and more.

In this video, you’ll learn how to create a Progress Bar Chart in Excel in less than 60 seconds! Here are the steps in the video you can also follow below.

1. Calculate the percentage you want your Progress Bar Chart to show
2. Highlight your percentage column and under Conditional Formatting, select New Rule
3. Edit the Rule Description and choose Data Bar for the Format Style
4. Edit your Minimum & Maximum value to be 0 and 1 respectively
5. To edit the appearance of your Progress Bar Chart, select the color. We chose green 🙂
6. Even as your percentages or data changes, your Progress Bar Chart will automatically update as necessary.

This is one way to take your data and make it digestible. Visuals in Excel can make your spreadsheets easier to read and easier to make sense of.

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