Drone Flying Tips – 5 Skills Beginner Pilots Should Master

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Drone Flying Tips - 5 Skills Beginner Pilots Should Master
Drone Flying Tips – 5 Skills Beginner Pilots Should Master
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Teaching a friend to fly a quadcopter? Looking to improve your piloting skills yourself? Does you kid always ask to fly your drone and then immediately crash it? If any of those are true, then this is the video for you. In it, I teach Nick Mardi, actor and host of The Latest Late Show, who has never flown any RC before, how to fly a Syma X5C using 5 skills that every pilot should know.

00:00 – Introduction
00:22 – Who is Nick Mardi?
01:02 – Five basics every drone pilot should know
01:35 – Best beginner drones to learn drone flying
02:24 – How to take off and land (skill 1)
05:01 – How to hover a drone in place (skill 2)
07:25 – How to fly your drone forward, backward, right, left (skill 3)
09:01 – Mastering yaw with your drone (skill 4)
09:42 – The /”cheat mode/” on toy drones AKA headless mode
10:25 – How to fly your drone in a circle (skill 5)
12:00 – Recap of the 5 drone skills beginner pilots should know

If you are a great pilot and don’t need improvement, then skip this video. But if you are a beginner to intermediate pilot, these 5 maneuvers, if practiced regularly, will definitely improve your drone flying skills!

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