Excel Sum(ifs) between dates, sum month & sum with multiple criteria

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Excel Sum(ifs) between dates, sum month & sum with multiple criteria
Excel Sum(ifs) between dates, sum month & sum with multiple criteria
Use the Excel SUMIFS formula to sum values between two dates.
Here you’ll need to use the greater than & less than operators inside the SUMIFS formula.

You’ll also learn how to sum values within a month. For example, your data set contains dates and you’d like to create a monthly report where you show the total value for the month, you can use the SUMIFS function together with the EOMONTH (end of the month Excel formula)

Last, you’ll learn how to add more criteria to your sum range. For example, you’d like to sum values between two dates and also account for one or more additional criteria.
Happy learning!

Download the workbook here


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