famous American TikTokers are here nft NT000 for sale @nftnoma #tiktok #nft #bitcoin #ethereum

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famous American TikTokers are here nft NT000 for sale @nftnoma #tiktok #nft #bitcoin #ethereum
famous American TikTokers are here nft NT000 for sale @nftnoma #tiktok #nft #bitcoin #ethereum
@nftnoma here I add my new Nft in which I add famous TikTokers of 2023 and their images are collected from Google and then remove all backgrounds and arranges their pictures in my art name NT000 that for sale on opensea.io only for 0.2 Ethereum. it’s not just an nft but buyer will get this nft in physical form and receives the green sign card that you visualize in my nft involves date, my national identity and nft name that is itself a code.


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