Getting Started With YNAB

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Getting Started With YNAB
Getting Started With YNAB
New to the YNAB app? We’ll show you how to set up YNAB in a few easy steps, plus how to succeed in managing your money over the long haul. This is everything you need to know packed into one informative video. Pour yourself a cup o’ something good and let’s get started!

00:00 – The YNAB Method
04:08 – Using the YNAB Web and Mobile Apps
05:21 – Adding Targets to Categories
09:05 – Using Credit Cards in YNAB
11:06 – Weekly Spending Targets
13:30 – Setting Up Targets for True Expenses
17:15 – Saving for Long-Term Goals
21:07 – Using Mobile App for Spending Plan
23:08 – Importance of Fun Money Categories
25:12 – Reality Check: Underfunded Number
27:02 – Assigning Money to the Plan
30:26 – Covering Credit Card Payments
31:29 – Funding Frequent and True Expenses
33:05 – Assigning Savings to Specific Goals
35:37 – Handling Overspending
38:01 – Assigning Money for Future Months
39:05 – Using Mobile App for Spending Decisions
41:27 – Allocating Savings Dollars
43:54 – Assigning Paychecks
45:57 – Planning for Future Expenses
47:21 – Adjusting Your Plan
49:30 – Recap and Additional Resources


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