HOW 3 Guys Recorded 624 DIFFERENT Voices on This SURPRISE CLASSIC 1975 #1 Hit! Professor of Rock

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HOW 3 Guys Recorded 624 DIFFERENT Voices on This SURPRISE CLASSIC 1975 #1 Hit! Professor of Rock
HOW 3 Guys Recorded 624 DIFFERENT Voices on This SURPRISE CLASSIC 1975 #1 Hit! Professor of Rock
Coming up… a 70s classic that had 624 voices that originated from only 3 singers…. I’m Not In Love by 10CC. First of all the song came from an awkward conversation the songwriter had with his wife… she was upset that he didn’t say I love you often enough. He ended up turning that awkward conversation into arguably the greatest anti-love song ever. Then in the middle of the recording sessions, the band had an idea. it involved having a receptionist reciting some of the strangest lyrics ever. and it made this song a bonafide classic. the story of the yacht rock/soft rock classic I’m Not in Love by 10CC. Written by Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart. Later the team of Godley and Creme became award-winning music video directors. the story is next on Professor of Rock.

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It’s time for another episode of our series, #1 in Our Hearts where we break down a song that was so exquisite it should have been a #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

You know… I appreciate all kinds of music… I love those simple songs with a catchy lyric, and a snappy melody, for all their carefree- lighthearted fun. I also love intricate songs, that provoke deep thought, or a sublime cinematic experience in the mind of the listener. Those unique songs create a different kind of stimulation altogether. The more esoteric, and extravagant songs can prove to be too abstract, going right over the heads of a mass-pop audience….

But, there are a few exceptions, where a complex song was crafted with such vividness and emotional resonance, that it transcended conventionalism and became a thrilling surprise hit. “I’m Not in Love” by 10cc is one of the most brilliant examples of how a song created for ‘art’s sake’ can connect with pop culture in a MAJOR way.

The story of “I’m Not in Love”- 10cc’s opulent opus, began in a very unglamorous way, at a common, humdrum dining table in England- back in 1974. Eric Stewart, co-founder & lead vocalist for 10cc, was having breakfast with his wife, Gloria. At that moment, the couple had been married for nine years. During the meal, Gloria turned to her husband and asked him…. ”why don’t you tell me you love me that much anymore?”

Eric pondered Gloria’s question for a moment, and then responded…”If I say that every day, the words will lose their meaning- won’t they?” “No, they won’t,” Gloria said.. and the couple suspended the topic. Eric would reflect back on the conversation with his wife a short time later when he prepared to write a love song to submit to his 3 friends that completed the quartet that called themselves.. 10cc.

10cc was an interesting blend of veteran British musicians that
merged together after stints with a wide variety of 60s British rock bands..

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