How To Apply Overlays In Photoshop with Creative Overlay Packs PRO EDU

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How To Apply Overlays In Photoshop with Creative Overlay Packs PRO EDU
How To Apply Overlays In Photoshop with Creative Overlay Packs PRO EDU
Learn how to apply overlays to your images in this Photoshop walkthrough using Creative Overlay Packs, a brand new PRO EDU product for photographers and retouchers.

The Creative Overlays Master Collection offers 200 unique and versatile visual tools captured in-camera and developed for the most versatility and realistic aesthetic possible.

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Creative Overlays are an accessible means for photographers to explore new possibilities with their images in post production.

By adding practical elements to help tell a story, introducing foreground to create depth, or offering abstract or unexpected visual interest, Creative Overlays offer photographers an arsenal of tools to add value and push their images a step further.

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