How to Change Margins Google Docs Tutorial

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How to Change Margins Google Docs Tutorial
How to Change Margins Google Docs Tutorial
Learn how to change (set) margins in Google Docs in 1 minute. Formatting in Google Docs is simple. Watch to find out how.

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How to Change Margins in Google Docs

There are 2 ways to change the margins.

Method 1: Click File, page-setup, and input your desired margins in the left, right, top and bottom fields. You can also reset to default if you need to.

Method 2: Click anywhere within your document that is not a table. This will load the ruler, and enable to you change margins. Now, hover over the left or right-hand side of the ruler. An arrow will appear, with either “left margin” or “right margin”. You can then drag the margin to where you would like.

Note that you can also change first-line indent, and left or right indent by hovering over the blue arrows and moving them left or right.

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