How To Delete Story Highlights On Instagram !! (2022)

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How To Delete Story Highlights On Instagram !! (2022)
How To Delete Story Highlights On Instagram !! (2022)
In this tutorial video, I will quickly guide you on how you can really easily delete story highlights on Instagram. So make sure to watch this video till the very end.

1. Update the Instagram app to the latest version
2. Open Instagram and login to your account
3. Go to your profile page by tapping at the bottom right
4. Long press on the highlight you want to delete
5. At the bottom, select Delete Highlight.
6. This way, you can easily delete highlights on Instagram from your iPhone.

0:00 Introduction
0:36 Update Instagram App
1:17 How to Delete Story Highlights on Instagram
1:51 Delete Particular Story from a Highlight
2:23 Delete Whole Highlight
2:47 Outro: Final Verdict

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