How To Disable and Remove Bitlocker Drive Encryption in Windows 11

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How To Disable and Remove Bitlocker Drive Encryption in Windows 11
How To Disable and Remove Bitlocker Drive Encryption in Windows 11
Learn how to effortlessly disable or remove BitLocker drive encryption on your Windows 11 system with this comprehensive step-by-step guide.
Bitlocker device encryption to protect data by providing encrypting entire hard drives including both system and data drives.

Windows security feature conceptualized and developed by Microsoft to help users keep their data safe. It’s available on a wide range of Windows devices and compatible with any Windows 11 edition.

The steps below will help you disable Device Encryption on Windows 11 Home Edition:
1. Open Windows Settings by pressing the shortcut “Win I” or clicking on Start menu.
2. Go through Privacy and Security, Device Encryption.
3. On the Device Encryption setting window, toggle the button to Off to disable Device Encryption on your Windows 11 Home computer.

Note: You should sign in as a device administrator to turn off device encryption.

How to Turn off BitLocker Drive Encryption on Windows 11:
1. Open File Explorer.
2. Click on This PC.
3. Right-click on the encrypted drive.
4. Click Manage BitLocker to access the encryption menu for your drives.
5. A small window should appear telling you that your drive has been decrypted. Depending on the size of the file, it can take some time.
6. Click on the button Turn off BitLocker.
7. Wait for some time until your computer decrypts the file.

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