How to Install Windows 11Solve Windows 11 Installation Has Failed

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How to Install Windows 11Solve Windows 11 Installation Has Failed
How to Install Windows 11Solve Windows 11 Installation Has Failed
The new generation of Windows 11 has attracted a lot of attention. How to download and install Windows 11 and solve Windows 11 installation has failed. Come and take a look.

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【Install Windows 11/Solve Installation Failed】
00:00 Start
00:47 How to Download, Install, and Setup Windows 11
03:30 How to Solve Windows 11 Installation Has Failed

Case 1: Windows 11 Clean Install from Boot
1. Boot your computer from Windows 11 installation media.
2. When you see the Windows Setup window, choose your language and other preferences and click Next. Then, click Install Now.
3. You’ll be asked to activate Windows. Enter your product key or click I don’t have a product key if you’re reinstalling Windows.
4. Select the operating system you want to install and click Next.
5. Accept the license terms and click Next. Then, choose Custom: Install Windows only.
6. Select the drive where you want to install Windows and click Next. Wait for the installation process to be done.
7. You’ll go to Windows 11 setup process. Choose the right country and keyboard layout.
After a few minutes, you’ll get into Windows 11 new desktop.

Case 2: Windows 11 Upgrade from Windows 10/8/7
1. Download Windows 11 ISO file from the official website. Open the ISO file and launch the setup.exe file.
2. Wait for the Windows 11 Setup wizard to be loaded. On the “Install Windows 11” page, click Next.
3. It will check for updates and check your PC automatically. If your PC meets the system requirements for installing Windows 11, you’ll get into the “Applicable notices and license terms” page. Click Accept to continue.
4. On the “Ready to install” page, you can change the default option by clicking Change what to keep, confirm the pending operation and click Install.

Method 1: Solve Windows 11 Has Failed to Start by Enabling TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot
First, determine whether the system has a TPM chip and whether it is enabled.
1. Type “tpm.msc” into the run box and click “OK”.
2. The TPM management window on the local computer will open. If the “Status” is “The TPM is ready for use”, it means that the TPM is enabled. You can verify the TPM version for the TPM manufacturer information in the lower right corner.
3. If the TPM version is compatible but disabled (the computer will prompt “Compatible TPM can’t be found”), then turn it on in the BIOS.

1. To quickly access the Windows Advanced Options menu, we will press the Shift key while clicking Restart to enter the boot page, and select “Troubleshoot”.
2. Select “Advanced Options”
3. Select “UEFI Firmware Settings” to enter the BIOS settings.
4. The name in the BIOS setting will be different because the motherboard of the computer is different. TPM or PTT have the same function, just open it directly.
However, if you are in “Legacy BIOS mode”, it is not possible to enable “Secure Boot” and “TPM 2.0”. But we still can bypass the Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 by modifying some registry key values on the Windows PC.

Method 2: Solve Windows 11 Has Failed to Start by Bypassing the “Secure Boot” and “TPM 2.0”
1. Press “winR” to open the Run interface, and type “regedit” to open the registry.
2. In the Registry Editor window, navigate to the following directory.
3. Right-click on the blank space on the right, select “New”; and then “Key”. A new registry key will be added on the left side of the editor. Please be sure to name it “LabConfig”.
4. Under the “LabConfig” key, right-click the blank space to create two “DWORD (32-bit) Value” options to create a new DWORD value.
5. Name them “BypassTPMCheck” and “BypassSecureBootCheck”.
6. Then double-click the two “DWORD” and edit their “Value Data” field to “1” respectively.
7. When finished, close the registry editor window and restart the computer to make the new registry key take effect.

How to Install Windows 11Solve Windows 11 Installation Has Failed
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