How To Make a Song in Audacity – Recording, Editing, & Mixing [Latest Update] 2021

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How To Make a Song in Audacity - Recording, Editing, & Mixing [Latest Update] 2021
How To Make a Song in Audacity – Recording, Editing, & Mixing [Latest Update] 2021
Check out EaseUS Vocal Remover (free):
Vocal Remover can remove vocals or background music from any song or audio file. It creates karaoke instrumentals and acapella vocals by removing song vocals or background music online for free.

My grand finale Audacity music-making tutorial: breaking down how I put together this cover of Skybox by Gunna using (mostly) free plugins and an entirely free DAW. Subscribe for more music and tech content!

Download the free Audacity plugins (and presets) mentioned in this video:
– Free presets:
– Download preFix:
– Download TDR Nova:
– Download TDR SlickEQ:
– Download Spitfish:
– Download TDR Kotelnikov:
– Where to buy Auto-Tune:
– Download TAL Reverb II:
– Instructions for installing Audacity plugins:

Some mics I’ve mentioned (supports the channel at no cost to you!):
[350] Rode NT-1 AI-1 bundle:
[300] Rode NT-1 with accessories:
[150] MOVO UM800:
[130] Blue Yeti:
[50] Blue Snowball iCE:

Videos on Audacity basics:

0:00 Intro
0:30 Preview of Finished Mix
0:59 Things to Know when Getting Started
2:16 Overview of Raw Vocals
2:57 Editing the Vocals
8:48 Mixing the Ad-Libs
9:26 The Finished Product
9:54 Wrap-Up
10:05 How to Use the Presets
10:20 Outro


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– Panasonic Lumix G7 body & kit:
– Panasonic 25mm f1.7 lens:
– Tiffen 49mm Black Pro-Mist filter:
– Rode VideoMicro shotgun mic:
– Movo VXR10 shotgun mic:
– Rode NT1 & AI-1 mic kit:
– Pyle mic stand:
– Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones:
– Flyears 3 everyday earbuds:
– PC: i9, 32GB RAM, 1660 Super:
– Neewer video tripod:
– Neewer 2-pack LED softbox:
– GVM motorized camera slider:
– Avella tripod head for slider:
– Teckin smart plugs:
– Wixann smart room lighting:


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