How To Make a WordPress Website – 2024

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How To Make a WordPress Website - 2024
How To Make a WordPress Website – 2024
It’s easy to create a website! Step by step with no step skipped.

You will learn how to get a website name, install WordPress and choose a design.

With the new way you can automatically have your content generated for you. Then just copy and paste it into your website. It makes you so much more productive than everyone else.

Then you will learn how to edit your website, like changing your text and images.

Plus some extra tips like how to make a logo and change your fonts.

Visit for website images
Visit to make your tagline
Visit for templates and to generate your content
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00:00:00 Why This Tutorial?
00:00:55 Overview
00:03:44 Costs
00:05:29 Domain Name Hosting
00:15:45 Create User Name
00:16:46 Login
00:17:50 Site Title
00:19:01 Delete Plugins
00:20:44 Delete Pages
00:21:32 Install Theme
00:22:29 Checking Website
00:25:14 Rearrange Menu
00:25:58 Homepage
00:27:34 Generate Website Content
00:28:57 Set Homepage To Home
00:30:46 Making Other Content Pages
00:34:40 Edit Pages
00:45:21 Finish Pages
00:49:18 Services Page
00:53:22 Contact Page
00:54:34 Header
00:57:00 Button
01:00:42 Mobile Menu
01:02:32 Create Your Logo
01:06:20 Site Icon
01:08:33 Favicon
01:09:35 Contact Form
01:15:55 Fonts
01:18:43 Backup Website
01:20:02 Tagline
01:21:56 Logout
01:22:10 Congratulations!

I hope you love it as much as I do.

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