How to Open CSV File in Excel

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How to Open CSV File in Excel
How to Open CSV File in Excel
*How to Open CSV File in Excel*

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In this intermediate excel tutorial I’ll show you an excellent way to open csv file in excel with columns automatically. Usually excel is capable of opening csv file in excel, But there are several problems. Sometimes it doesn’t work as it is supposed to do or sometimes it loses data formatting. In this excel tutorial; we’ll talk about a simple procedure that will open csv file in excel with columns and without losing formatting.
This tutorial is really important because if you mess up your comma separated file while opening you might not be able to split a CSV file into multiple columns in Excel. Here are some ways to open csv file.

1. *How to open csv file without excel*
You can always open your comma separated Value (CSV) file with notepad. Just right click on your file and click on edit. It will open your csv file with notepad. You can also do this by right-clicking on the file and then click on “Open with”. Then select “Notepad” from the list. This will open your csv file on notepad.

2. *How to open csv in excel general and risky way:*
Just double click on the file and it will be opened with excel. This is the fastest way to convert CSV to Excel but it is not the safest one. It might not open with proper columns and you might also loose your data formatting.

3. *How to open csv file in excel in the safest way*

The best way to convert a csv file to excel is by importing. Let’s learn how. Please follow the steps below to properly convert csv to excel.

*Step 1:* Open Microsoft Excel.
*Step 2:* Click on “Data Tab” and click on “Get External Data” and select “From Text”.
*Step 3:* Now browse and select the CSV file you want to convert to Xlsx and click on import.
*Step 4:* A popup will open. Select “Delimited” and check mark “My Tables has header” If you have header and click on next.
*Step 5:* Uncheck “Tab” and then check mark “Comma” and click next.
*Step 6:* Now format each column by clicking on the column and then clicking on your preferred formatting. From here you can also remove a column if you don’t want it. Click on Finish.
*Step 7:* Select the location where you want your csv data and click ok.

Done. This is how you properly convert a csv file to excel with columns and proper formatting.

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