How To Overlay and Merge Images Adobe Photoshop

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How To Overlay and Merge Images Adobe Photoshop
How To Overlay and Merge Images Adobe Photoshop
Learn how to merge multiple images in Adobe Photoshop to achieve different artistic effects.

Overlaying images is a creative and versatile way to edit your pictures to add texture or create various effects such as composite image, collages, and double exposures. In this tutorial, @Itchban demonstrates how you can blend images in Adobe Photoshop to enhance a sunset picture artistically. Follow along to see how he creates a sky replacement effect and add in city lights to make the picture pop.

Here are the steps and tips:

0:00 Intro
0:25 An artistic approach to photo editing
0:38 Transform photos with image overlays
1:04 Step-by-step instructions for creating an image overlay
1:16 How to convert a batch of files
1:39 Lower the top image capacity
1:49 Resize and adjust the top image
2:10 Choose your blending mode
2:46 Create a layer mask
3:30 Adjust brightness and contrast with a clipping mask
4:55 Improve your overlay picture creation skills

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