How to Switch from a SIM Card to an eSIM Mint Mobile

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How to Switch from a SIM Card to an eSIM Mint Mobile
How to Switch from a SIM Card to an eSIM Mint Mobile
Mint Fox is here to help you transfer your account from your physical SIM card to a fancy new eSIM. An eSIM is a SIM that’s embedded in your phone and can only be modified digitally. The “e” in eSIM doesn’t stand for “easy,” but it should, because it’s easy as f*! (we said fox).

1. Connect to Wi-Fi and check the App Store (on iPhone) or the Google Play store (on Android) to make sure the Mint Mobile app is up to date on the device you’re installing the eSIM on. Update the app if one is available, then open it and log into your account – 00:45

2. Select “Account” then “Order Replacement SIM” followed by “Get an eSIM.” If “Get an eSIM” isn’t an available option, that means your phone isn’t eSIM compatible and you’ll have to stick with a physical SIM card – 01:05

3. Select “This is my new device” to confirm that this is the phone you wish to install the eSIM on, then complete checkout by tapping “Order now.” You’ll be prompted to install the eSIM once the order is complete. Follow the steps on your device and wait for a confirmation message – 01:30

And that’s all there is to it. Feel free to toss your physical SIM card or keep it if it has sentimental value. You can also use that SIM card slot for a second line if you’d like.

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