How to Use (& Disable) Shake to Undo on iPhone

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How to Use (& Disable) Shake to Undo on iPhone
How to Use (& Disable) Shake to Undo on iPhone
Did you know you can shake your iPhone to undo typing, deleting an email, and other actions? Watch this tutorial to learn how to use Shake to Undo and Shake to Redo on iPhone, as well as how to disable Shake to Undo if you don’t like to use it.

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Using Shake to Undo on iPhone is quite simple. If you’re typing something and make a mistake, physically shake your iPhone to bring up the Undo option. Tap Undo Typing to undo. If you shake again, you’ll get the option to redo typing. You can also use Shake to Undo if you accidentally delete an email.

To disable Shake to Undo, open your iPhone settings. Then select Accessibility. Select Touch. Then, tap the switch beside Shake to Undo to disable this setting. When the switch turns grey, this feature is turned off.

That’s all it takes to use shake to undo/redo on iPhone and how to disable it.

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