How To Use Overlays in Photoshop

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How To Use Overlays in Photoshop
How To Use Overlays in Photoshop
Download the overlays to follow along here:

In this Photoshop tutorial, I will teach you how to use overlays in Photoshop. We’re going to build 4 Photoshop projects, starting with a very simple and easy composite using just one overlay and building toward more stunning effects with each project.

You’ll learn how to use simple overlays in Photoshop, and how to manipulate them into more stunning effects. You’ll also learn how to use my Glow Actions and how to add shadow overlays in Photoshop using the new neural filters and displacement with depth maps.


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00:02:30 – Setting up your Photoshop workspace
00:03:05 – Photoshop Libraries
00:04:32 – Applying an Overlay
00:07:09 – Using Multiple Overlays
00:07:46 – Using Free Transform
00:08:25 – Removing Elements Using a Mask
00:12:27 – Selecting a Subject Using the Quick Select Tool
00:15:48 – Working in the Select & Mask Window
00:17:54 – Edit a Selection Using Quick Mask
00:23:52 – Why Use a Depth Map?
00:24:33 – Photoshop’s Neural Filters
00:24:58 – Understanding the /”Depth Blur/” Filter
00:26:13 – Editing the Depth Map
00:29:37 – Saving a Depth Map for Use
00:31:00 – Applying a Depth Map to a Layer
00:36:36 – Colorizing an Image Using a Gradient Map
00:41:00 – Outlining a Subject
00:43:00 – Camera RAW Editing
00:44:05 – Revealing Elements Using a Mask
00:45:50 – Adding Smoke to an Image
00:46:55 – How and Why to Unlink a Mask
00:47:39 – Using Levels to Adjust a Layer
00:49:00 – A Cool Trick for Accentuating Mist or Smoke
00:49:38 – Adding a Light Ray to an Image
00:52:01 – Two Masks on One Layer?
00:53:23 – Adding a Glow Using Actions
00:56:52 – Hiding Elements Behind your Subject
00:58:31 – How and Why to Use a Clipping Mask

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