How to Use REPLACE Function in Excel

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How to Use REPLACE Function in Excel
How to Use REPLACE Function in Excel
In this Excel Function Explained video series, I’ll disclose how to use Replace function in Excel. Excel Replace function is frequently used to replace text within a text string in excel. But it is different than the Substitute Function.

Learn How to use the Substitute function here:

Using Replace function, you’ll be able to replace certain number of character or text inside a cell or string based on the starting number and the character length.

Things you can do using Replace function in excel is to tell excel to find out certain text counting the starting point and length and replace with new text. That’s why you should learn to use Replace formula in excel.

Let’s study how to use Replace formula in excel.

The Function looks like this REPLACE (Old Text, Starting Number, Number of characters, New Text)

The Replace function has four parameters or arguments.

1. Old Text: in this parameter, we need to either write the text or specify the
cell from where we need to replace the text.
2. Starting Number: This is where you select the starting point. Replace formula will start replacing from this point forward.
3. Number of characters: How many characters you need to replace will be placed here.
4. New Text: This is the text you want to replace with.

Before using this function remember that, it considers space, decimal or any symbol as a character.

This is how we use Replace in excel. Remember, using Replace function in excel you actually tell excel formula to replace text based on Starting point, length, and new text.

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