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This video will tell you how to use your phone while traveling! First, we will go over all the different options to use your phone abroad/internationally. Starting with some American-based phone company’s international options(Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Google Fi), moving onto a new app that lets you purchase and install sim cards directly on your phone, and finally going over the local sim card options if you plan on staying in a country for an extended period.

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T-mobile is one of the best options for international travelers; they offer free unlimited 2g data and texting in over 200 countries, included with all of their plans except for the essentials plan. This is more than sufficient to run some essential apps such as navigation and to make calls through Skype if needed!

Verizon offers some international options such as a travel pass that works in 185 countries for 10/day or a monthly travel pass for 100/month that includes 250 minutes/1k SMS/ and 5GB of data. Unfortunately, both these options are outrageously overpriced, and you would be much better just going with the E-sim option that we will cover shortly.

AT&T offers a similar day pass for 10/day to receive service in 200 countries, but in my opinion, this is still way too expensive unless you are traveling for business and can expense it to your company.

Google-Fi is by far the best American phone plan for international travelers! Its plans include unlimited texting and data in 200 countries (LTE when available 3g when not), and calling at 20 cents a minute! This can be especially helpful when you need a dedicated number or want to receive verification codes easily while abroad.
Google Fi offers two plans that include international coverage the flexible and unlimited plus; the flexible plan starts at 20/month for unlimited texting and domestic calling10/GB after 6GB of data. Any additional data will be free of charge bringing the total bill to 80/monthtaxes/fees! The unlimited plan offers unlimited texting/domestic callingunlimited data for 70/month. Both plans also go down in cost if you add more people to them, so if your a family or group of friends, it can be even cheaper!

These plans can be great for frequent travelers who want their phone to work when they land at the airport and not have to hassle with getting service! If you decide to use Google Fi, I would appreciate you using my referral code /”T77TP6/” to help support the channel and receive 20 off your first bill! This plan is zero commitment which is why I love it; you can cancel anytime or even pause anytime if the plan doesn’t make sense based on life circumstances. Then resume the plan when you’re ready to come back! I love using the E-sim option, so if I’m traveling in a place for a while, I can still have an empty sim card tray just in case I want to put in a local sim card.

Now that we’ve covered some basic US carrier international plans, let’s talk about what I think is the best option for cost and simplicity while traveling abroad. The app is called Airalo and allows you to purchase local or regional sim cards directly on your phone and install them using Esim technology within 2 minutes; you can even use apple pay which simplifies the process even more. E-sim is a technology that allows you to add a sim card to your phone without having a physical sim. Esim is built into any iPhone past to XR and is most new android phones, but you’ll have to do your research since there are so many different android models!

Simply select what country or region you’re going to, then choose your very affordable data package. These are data-only packages, so you will not get a dedicated number for texting/calling, but you can always continue using WhatsApp/iMessage/FaceTime, and I recommend loading a few in Skype credits for external calls! If you decide to sign up, please use my referral code /”Kyle813/” link in the description to support the channel and get 3 off your first sim!

The final option to get service while traveling is to buy a local sim card. This can be great if you stay in one country or plan to stay in a country for an extended period! The price will vary, but you should avoid buying them in an airport, find a phone store in the city and ask for a sim card. They can even help you install it! This is one of the cheapest options, but I still prefer to use google fi for convince since I travel so frequently!

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