HUGE UPGRADE! New Firewall Router Virtualization Host

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HUGE UPGRADE! New Firewall Router Virtualization Host
HUGE UPGRADE! New Firewall Router Virtualization Host
The Intel N100 and Intel N200 are massive performance upgrades for the 2.5GbE fanless firewall, router, and virtualization host space. We take the new Intel Alder Lake-N 4x 2.5GbE units for a spin to see how the new chips change this segment in a massive manner. Whether you need a new Proxmox VE virtualization host, or an OPNsense/ pfSense Plus firewall for work (or the #homelab of course) this is awesome.

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Where to Find The Unit We Purchased
Note we may earn a small commission if you use these links to purchase a product through them.
– AliExpress:
(Note the N100 was around 216 for the barebones, 322 as configured when we went live)
– Amazon –

If you are trying to save money with the barebones, this is probably what I would outfit the system with:
– Amazon (Affiliate) G.Skill 16GB DDR5:
– Amazon (Affiliate) WD Blue 500GB SSD:
You want something cool with fanless systems, not hot and fast.

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00:00 Introduction
01:38 External Fanless Mini PC Overview
04:31 Internal SSD, DDR5, Intel i226-V, and Intel N100/ Intel N200
06:51 Performance
08:58 Virtualization with Proxmox VE and Firewall with OPNsense and pfSense discussion
10:23 Intel N100 and Intel N200 Power Consumption and Temps
14:22 Key Lessons Learned
16:30 Wrap-up

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