Laptop Hibernates On Its Own… Yes, You Can Fix It

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Laptop Hibernates On Its Own... Yes, You Can Fix It
Laptop Hibernates On Its Own… Yes, You Can Fix It
This laptop is hibernating immediately after it boots up. Right after I log in, the computer hibernates or goes to sleep. The computer goes to sleep right after I log in. Don’t worry I got you, it is a simple fix but could be 2 parts.

The laptop is reading the battery wrong and is putting the computer into hibernation based on your power settings.

The other issue could be a corrupt sector on your hard drive. Run a chkdsk /r /f in an elevated command prompt, then reboot. After that is done run a sfc /scannow in an elevated command prompt. If you are still getting messages about a corrupt hard drive then you will need to get yourself a new one.

I have a playlist showing everything you need to know about imaging hard drives or reinstalling windows.

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