Master Excel's SUMPRODUCT Formula

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Master Excel's SUMPRODUCT Formula
Master Excel's SUMPRODUCT Formula
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Advanced Excel: Master Excel’s SUMPRODUCT Formula

This video is part of a series that belongs to my Advanced Training course called /”Advanced Excel: Top tips and formulas/”.

The classical use of Excel’s SUMPRODUCT function is to do a sum of multiplications. The good thing about SUMPRODUCT is that it can work on arrays of values and it doesn’t have to be entered as an array function so no need to do control shift enter (CSE).

The great thing about SUMPRODUCT, is that it can help solve many more problems in non-obvious ways. It can act as a conditional SUMIFS function or work as a lookup function as INDEX and MATCH does. It can also act as a COUNTIF function.

SUMPRODUCT is also a better SUMIFS, because it can check for OR conditions – which the SUMIFS can’t. SUMIFS can only check for AND conditions.

In this video you will see different examples of the SUMPRODUCT function and you will learn how it can save you from unnecessary /”workarounds/” in your Excel files. It will also show you the SUMPRODUCT formula in slow motion.

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