Mint is Out. This is How You YNAB.

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Mint is Out. This is How You YNAB.
Mint is Out. This is How You YNAB.
Wondering if YNAB is right for you? Learn the basics of the YNAB app and the magical method that changes YNAB from another app on your phone to something life-changing.

Have more questions? Check out these resources:
– Want a full YNAB setup walkthrough? Check out this video!
– Questions about credit cards? We’ve got you covered.
– Curious about the YNAB Method? Go for a deep dive.
– Trying to pay down debt? We got you.

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0:00 – Intro
0:42 – Setting Up Accounts
1:14 – Rule One
3:29 – Rule Two
4:35 – Spend with Clarity
5:27 – Rule Three
6:01 – Rule Four
6:40 – Resources


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