NFT Blockchain Neutrality is Crucial

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NFT Blockchain Neutrality is Crucial
NFT Blockchain Neutrality is Crucial
With so many blockchains to consider, it’s so important that brands and artists take special consideration in choosing the right one for their NFT campaign. At the moment Ethereum is the hot place to mint your NFT, but what if that changes in the future? Since NFTs are meant to last forever, we believe that it’s crucial to have a dynamic NFT strategy. At Sasco Digital Assets, we work closely with clients to choose the right blockchain for their needs. We continuously monitor our projects and can move NFTs to different blockchains as things change.

In this video, founder Omar Sabek discusses what to consider when choosing a blockchain and how you can create a dynamic NFT campaign that can be resilient and that lasts forever.

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We provide education, support, and an enterprise platform so that brands can launch, manage, and track NFT campaigns.

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