Nobody Understands Online Privacy.

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Nobody Understands Online Privacy.
Nobody Understands Online Privacy.
Almost nobody understands online privacy. That’s why you see so many privacy noobs confused and overwhelmed because they heard you have to use Tor and host your own email and cut off all your friends that don’t use Signal. How much do you need to worry about privacy? Can you trust this company? Somebody told me was good but somebody else told me it’s terrible for your privacy. Who do you trust? Relax, and let me explain threat levels, the level of privacy you need, and everything else in this video.

Why do I care about privacy?
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The spectrum:
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0:00 Privacy is confusing
1:25 Why do you care?
2:23 The Privacy-Anonymity Spectrum
3:10 The Normie
4:43 The Privacy-Conscious
6:34 Privacy vs. Anonymity
7:41 The Activist
9:47 The Ghost
11:05 Which level are you?
12:02 Conflating levels of privacy
13:16 Can we improve discussions about privacy?
14:00 Conclusion

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