Photoshop AI Editing Vs Traditional Editing – Long Exposure Effects!

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Photoshop AI Editing Vs Traditional Editing - Long Exposure Effects!
Photoshop AI Editing Vs Traditional Editing – Long Exposure Effects!
Download Free Actions: Hello, everyone! Today, I’ll show you how to create a dramatic fake long exposure effect in your photos using two methods: traditional and AI. Both methods are easy and produce stunning results.

To start, long exposure effects add fluidity and dynamism to images by simulating the movement of elements like clouds, water, or lights over time.

Ready to get started in Photoshop? Let’s dive in.

00:00 – Introduction to Long Exposure Effects
00:27 – Why Long Exposure Effects are Impactful
01:03 – Traditional Method Step-by-Step
01:07 – Step 1: Selecting the Sky
01:29 – Step 2: Entering Quick Mask Mode
01:46 – Step 3: Adjusting Selection with Brush Tool
03:05 – Step 4: Exiting Quick Mask Mode
03:18 – Step 5: Creating a New Layer
03:36 – Step 6: Applying the Blur Filter
03:51 – Step 7: Adjusting Blur Settings
04:14 – Step 8: Positioning the Blur Center
05:06 – AI Method Step-by-Step (Photoshop 2024)
05:37 – Opening the Photo in Photoshop
05:42 – Step 1: Setting Up Masked Areas
05:55 – Step 2: Selecting Color Fill
06:19 – Step 3: Entering Generative Fill
06:34 – Step 4: Generating Long Exposure Variations
07:00 – Step 6: Applying the Effect to the Sky
07:48 – Conclusion and Call-to-Action

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