[RESOLVE] Vmmem High Memory and CPU Usage Windows

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[RESOLVE] Vmmem High Memory and CPU Usage Windows
[RESOLVE] Vmmem High Memory and CPU Usage Windows
The vmmem process uses a lot of memory and CPU power when running a virtual machine. If the vmmem process is consuming a lot of CPU and memory usage, it represents that the virtual machine on your PC is consuming lots of resources. Well, how to fix vmmem high memory usage and CPU usage? Don’t worry I have the answers for you.

Here is how you would fix Vmmem High Memory and CPU Usage Windows 10. The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a crucial part of Windows 10 and 11. It is committed to provide virtualization solutions to Windows consumers, but occasionally, due to jerky operation, it may end up being the cause of the vmmem high use problem. It can be effectively returned to a regular state by restarting.

Restart WSL from PowerShell or Command Prompt using the following command.

wsl –shutdown

What Is Vmmem?
The vmmem process is a process that distribute ad controls resources that are being used by virtual machines.

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