The Ultimate Guide to Targets in YNAB

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The Ultimate Guide to Targets in YNAB
The Ultimate Guide to Targets in YNAB
Forecasting is kind of a dirty word at YNAB, because the Four Rules are all about assigning the dollars you have now, and not counting on future dollars that haven’t arrived yet. However, it’s still useful to plan for future expenses, and understand how the timing of those expenses will affect how much money you need to set aside each month to cover them when they come due. Expense timing can be complex, too — some things hit weekly, biweekly, monthly, others hit at odd intervals like every 3 weeks or 6 months. YNAB has tools to handle these! Targets are a powerful way to organize and understand your expenses no matter how complex the timing is.

Ben and Ernie dive deep into the various target types available in YNAB, and clever ways you can use them to track expenses, track debt pay down, and more.

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0:00 Intro
1:30 What are targets?
7:09 The Four Types of Targets – Weekly Needed for Spending
11:11 Monthly Needed for Spending
12:33 Yearly Needed for Spending
14:36 Custom Needed for Spending
24:55 Savings Balances
31:53 Monthly Savings Builder
36:33 When targets are connected to accounts
48:04 Miscellaneous target tips
54:45 YNAB Wins


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