This Week in WordPress #282

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This Week in WordPress #282
This Week in WordPress #282
Another week, and we’re bringing you the latest WordPress news from the last seven days, including…

– Who contributed what in 2023 to WordPress Core? The annual post highlighting who, where and what of contributions is up.
– The WP Accessibility Day 2024 is looking for organisers.
– The Meetup platform has been taken over. What does this mean for WordPress meetups and events?
– Kinsta seems to be making a pivot back towards WordPress, and they’ve got a bold new site.
– PersonalizeWP is a new plugin from one of our guests this week.
– Google’s Pascal Birchler has a great way to upload and modify images with your browser doing all of the hard work.
– And why would you need an accessible fart?

There’s a lot more than this, so check out the post…

00:00 WordPress podcast episode 282 with 4 guests.

09:38 Disney supposedly stole Mickey Mouse concept.

13:42 Summary: WordPress core 2023 stats, 2,211 commits.

17:20 Bangladesh: big country with practical education.

23:32 Positive outlook on WordPress community’s future.

31:59 Digital world changes accessibility in books.

36:05 Concerns over acquisition and changes in Evernote.

43:13 New global sponsors; Plugin review team troubles.

46:14 Knowing your queue position helps manage expectations.

50:29 Silence can make you angry, don’t submit.

59:49 New features added in paid commercial plugin.

01:00:51 Developing features for users across various contexts.

01:10:59 Mac user demonstrates impressive browser editor capabilities.

01:15:11 Blur Hash: Lazy loading and image preview.

01:21:03 Developers using AI tools for faster coding.

01:24:30 Automated tests speed up process, improve efficiency.

01:29:00 Video empowers children with accessible fart technology.

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