Tip191 Highlight duplicates in Google Sheets FINAL SHORT

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Tip191 Highlight duplicates in Google Sheets FINAL SHORT
Tip191 Highlight duplicates in Google Sheets FINAL SHORT
Learn how to highlight duplicates in Google sheet or another way to ask is, is there a way to filter duplicates in Google Sheet? Some people like to ask how to find duplicates in Google shape using conditional formatting. My favorite is, how do I find duplicates in the same column in Google sheet? In a nutshell, I’ll show you how to find duplicates in Bugogi.

These are the steps outline on the video.

Highlight duplicate cells
1) Format Conditional formatting
2) Set /”Apply to range/” to B:B
3) Set rule to /”Custom formula is/”
5) Done

Here’s the breakdown of the formula.

– COUNTIF(B:B, B1): This function counts the number of cells in column B (the entire column) that match the value in cell B1. It checks if there are any duplicate values of B1 in column B.
– 1: This comparison operator checks if the count from the previous step is greater than 1. In other words, it evaluates to true if there is more than one occurrence of the value in B1 in column B, indicating a duplicate value.

In a nutshell, the formula COUNTIF(B:B, B1)1 returns a logical value of TRUE if the value in cell B1 appears more than once in column B, and FALSE otherwise. It is commonly used to identify duplicate values in a column.

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