Top 10 Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows & Mac

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Top 10 Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows & Mac
Top 10 Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows & Mac
Every iTunes alternative is unique in its own way. There are so many of them. The good news is that I’ve already picked the best ones for you. This video features: WALTR 2, WALTR Original, Clementine, Fidelia, VOX, Swinsian, VLC, iMazing, AnyTrans and SynciOS.

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Time codes:

3:30 WALTR 2
5:08 WALTR Original
7:16 Clementine
7:56 Fidelia
8:42 VOX
9:58 Swinsian
10:47 VLC
11:33 iMazing
12:22 AnyTrans
12:59 SynciOS

In this video:
The video is about the best iTunes alternatives. The speaker divides the apps into different categories. The first category is drag and drop pushers, which includes WALTR 2 and WALTR. WALTR 2 allows users to easily transfer media from their computer to their iOS device without the need for conversion. Waltr can transfer files via a USB cable.

The next category is music players, which includes Clementine, Fidelia, and Vox. Clementine is a good substitution for iTunes as it can play all kinds of music and sort your library. Fidelia supports different music formats and offers high-quality playback. Vox has a sleek interface and offers useful services like cloud storage and radio stations.

The next category is video players, and the recommended app is VLC, which is known for its ability to handle any format and is available on multiple operating systems.

The next category is iOS managers, which includes iMazing and AnyTrans. iMazing allows users to manage apps, music, and messages on their phone through their computer. AnyTrans offers a unique approach with its circle interface.

The last category is data recovery, and the recommended app is SynciOS, which can help restore lost files on an iPhone.

The speaker concludes by stating that their favorite iTunes alternative is Waltr 2 for its simplicity and convenience. They also mention that there are many other great apps mentioned in the video that can enhance the Mac or iPhone experience without iTunes./”

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