Top 5 YNAB Tips from YouTube Commenters

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Top 5 YNAB Tips from YouTube Commenters
Top 5 YNAB Tips from YouTube Commenters
You spoke, we listened! This episode is chock full of tips and tricks from YouTube-watching YNABers around the globe! Tune in for these users tips on building Siri shortcuts, tracking your car’s overall health, and how to crush your odds-and-ends to-do list using YNAB.

Ivan’s /”5 Tips for High-Income Earners/” Blog Post:

Mark’s /”Using Hashtags in Your Transaction Memos/” Blog Post:

How to Build a YNAB Siri Shortcut:

A VERY special thank you to our ten brilliant, generous YNABers that shared their ideas with the rest of our channel!
theProf Nolan
Harrison Spain
James Bourassa
Jennifer Gunter
Priscilla Davis
Paige Atkins
Ivan Smirnov
Vanessa Schweihs

0:00 Top 5 YNAB Commenter Tips
0:59 Tip #1: Scheduling /”To-Dos/” in YNAB
2:52 Tip #2: Flagging Cars to Track Performance
4:19 Tip #3: Using Hashtags in YNAB
7:15 Tip #4: Build a YNAB Siri Shortcut
8:45 Tip #5: A New Fixed vs Flexi Category Group Structure
11:50 Keep ‘Em Coming!

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