What Is VSync, Should You Use It?

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What Is VSync, Should You Use It?
What Is VSync, Should You Use It?
Often, when your graphics card and monitor are out of sync, and the GPU sends a frame in the middle of a monitor’s refresh rate, the monitor ends up drawing parts of multiple frames on the display at the same time. That’s where VSync comes in. VSync or Vertical Synchronization removes something that plagues a large majority of PC gamers, and that is screen tearing. But VSync isn’t perfect. It caps your FPS to your monitors’ refresh rate, for example if your monitor is rated for 60Hz your frame rate will be capped at 60. But it isn’t that easy, if your graphics card pulls 55FPS in a certain area you will get somewhere around 30FPS without triple buffering. This is because the monitor is refreshing faster than the graphics card can make a frame and just keeps the frame up for two refreshes or however long it takes to get a new frame on screen. But then again, there’s another issue, triple buffering isn’t supported in every game along with it taking up more VRam. Which can pose an issue to people with lesser graphics cards. There’s also something called Adaptive VSync, which turns on and off VSync depending on your frame rates. Which is a major improvement in my opinion!

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